Everything for your heart

“We have founded Inimed 360° out of the desire to offer patients in Romania modern cardiovascular medical services at the highest level of expertise – on par with that in advanced European countries – and to provide them with the means to obtain comprehensive diagnoses, here, at their doorstep.”.

Dr. Gabriela Cozmanciuc, Consulting Cardiovascular Surgeon, Medical Director Inimed 360° Clinic

Patients opinion

    • "The warm and care I found in Inimed 360 clinic is different from any other clinic I visited in Bucharest. The service provided in the clinic is perfect with hot drinks given by smiling assistants. The service is complete and starts from the time the patient enters the clinic and continues up home all through the healing process. The treatment is the most important factor that let me choose Inimed 360 clinic. I have done all the steps to do my surgery elsewhere, but I consider myself lucky to know about Inimed 360 just at the right time before my surgery. The procedure considered for the surgery  in Inimed is a good one that saves the skin from many scars. The way of payment is also special as it is a one time payment after the surgery then all following appointments/controls are free of charge and that is helpful . I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Gabriela Cozmanciuc, all other medical staff and the secretariat very much."

      HASSAN SIDAHMED MOHAMMED Zehor, Republic of Sudan, Embassy Bucharest - March 2014,

    • "I feel that the entire treatment that I received at ”Inimed” from all members of staff and the doctors in particular was exemplary. There was just the right balance between the personal and the professional to make one both welcome and at ease. The service was the most professional and caring that I have had the pleasure to experience to date. There was no language barrier and I felt that I was being both treated with respect and absolutely well cared for in all respects right down to my particular preference in green teas! The quality of treatment once again was of a very high standard. Right from the first general assessment I had the feeling of being in the right hands. The operation that I went through, which involved a surgical intervention on my leg went very smoothly and I was up and able to walk out of the clinic within a few hours. The follow up treatment was discharged without any complications and within a very short period almost all traces of my operation had disappeared."

      Thomas-Gerard O`Lonney, Ireland - January 2014,